Blakemore Family

This sweet family brightened my week when they asked me to take their photos! They have so much personality, and I loved every minute of it. The light cooperated for me, which is a bonus! The silhouette pictures are beautiful too…it was a wonderful experience! Thank you, Blakemore family!

*Remember to click each picture to view it larger*


untitled-1375 EDIT   untitled-1400 EDIT

untitled-1455 EDIT  untitled-1470 EDIT  untitled-1490 EDIT

untitled-1506 EDIT   untitled-1522 EDIT

untitled-1537 EDIT   untitled-1558 EDIT

untitled-1569 EDIT    untitled-1584 EDITuntitled-1590 EDIT

untitled-1618 EDIT  untitled-1676 EDIT  untitled-1668 EDIT

untitled-1693 EDIT   untitled-1692 EDIT

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